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Fighting social media SPAM in social networks


Social media Spam

At this point, I strongly believe that social media spam prevention must occur at the social network software level. Social media sites can fight social spam by create algorithms that individualize user experience by interpreting relevancy through user relationships. Relationship data can come from what & how a user votes for, views, reads, recommends, bookmarks, or includes in his or her personal social network.

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Success Stories

As online marketing company CGM SEO has more than a decade’s experience in search engine optimization and other Internet marketing techniques to help our client sites achieve top ranking in search engine results.

Our clients include the likes of Saudi Ready Mix, a large industrial company in UAE and many more. Our traffic generating packages have been proven successful over and over again, as is evident through the many success stories of our clients.

Reasons for the Many Successes

Through a unique combination of keyword research, selection and monitoring, we are able to identify and target the best and most relevant keyword phrases for our client sites. High targeted and low targeted keywords are used in conjunction with optimal search engine optimization for the relevant pages.

Since the search engines require enough content to index sites, we also create informative and targeted articles and content for the client sites, which are relevant to the selected keywords. The content is crafted by professional copy writers and written with the focus on the client. Through our combination of keywords, content and optimization, clients receive the maximum benefit of our expertise.

Search engine submission, monitoring and management of links also play an important role in securing top listings in the search engine results for specific keywords.

Every company that has made use of our traffic building and online marketing packages continues to have tremendous online success. Orders stream in, high sales conversion rates are obtained and brand awareness help to establish them as leaders in their field.

Areas of Successes

Their markets have expanded and their customer relations have been enhanced, and all of it started through the use of Intoweb as marketing partner. Our knowledge of the online world has benefited our clients in even more areas:

  • Increased traffic
  • Higher link popularity
  • Higher page ranking in Google
  • Top listings in search engine results
  • More return visits to their sites
  • Brand awareness through affiliate marketing and banner advertising
  • Expansion of their markets through the targeting of mobile phone users
  • Expansion of markets across regional, national and international boundaries
  • More sales conversions through our marketing methods
  • Better customer relations through newsletters

International credibility

We have helped many companies to reach and even exceed their goals on the Internet through innovative and proven advertising and SEO techniques. Companies making use of our services have seen their traffic increase with up to 2000 times. Short term and long term marketing efforts are used in conjunction with the client’s existing marketing strategies and are geared towards the building of a powerful web presence for our client sites.

Successes with design, search engine optimization, and ongoing promotion are gained within a short period. This ensures that all our clients receive excellent return on their investments.

To join the ranks of highly successful and visible sites on the Internet, contact us at CGM SEO to help you build a powerful online presence.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our Packages, Services or Articles.

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