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Building Link Popularity for a Website

Link building

It is essential to build links popularity for a website to generate a top result in the search engine results pages. A client can have a website developed, but if there are no other sites pointing to that particular website as an authority on the subject, chances are the search engine spider software will not index the website correctly. There are ways of optimising a website “on-page” to bring new visitors and traffic, but it is the websites backlinks, or an incoming link pointing to a site from a directory or other website, that helps a website’s link popularity.

A website’s “off-page” optimisation is just as important than what is on the website itself. Way back then, Google has a PageRank system that drives tops results according to relevancy. If there is a website that has an incoming link to another website, but those two sites are not similar or relevant to each other, Google’s software won’t rate it high authority.

Digital marketing companies are trained to provide clients and their websites with high quality links back to their site. If a link to a website has an incoming link (backlink) for a webpage with over a hundred other links this is not a quality link. Fifty quality links mean more to a website than a hundred links for low rank pages. There is an art to building quality links, but it’s worth the time and effort to get the “off-page” elements because these quality links help to boost a company’s website rankings and helps their site become an authority in their respective industry.