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Fighting social media SPAM in social networks


Social media Spam

At this point, I strongly believe that social media spam prevention must occur at the social network software level. Social media sites can fight social spam by create algorithms that individualize user experience by interpreting relevancy through user relationships. Relationship data can come from what & how a user votes for, views, reads, recommends, bookmarks, or includes in his or her personal social network.




Hopefullly, OpenID systems will allow social media sites to share user reputation, relevance, preference, and trust data with other social sites. More user data leads to the creation of more effective social media spam prevention tools, as well as increasingly relevant user experiences that give you exactly what you want.



……looking even further down the road, OpenID systems could provide site users access to their personal data from multiple websites (preferences, trust, relationships, relevancy, etc.). If so, a universal “user API” could be developed that websites could plug into to apply a user’s personal preference data to create a tailored site experience for each user. Obviously, this could include content preference settings that might filter out undesired content tags or unsolicited user messages. Internet users would be able to instruct’ websites which types of content they should see, which types of site members should be allowed to contact them, who they trust, etc./ dan gluckman 

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